Cartão Acessocard vem com chip e bandeira internacional

Cartão permite que o cliente tenha total controle de seus gastos por meio do aplicativo

um celular com o aplicativo acesso e o cartão acessocard

With the aim of simplifying the financial life of its customers, the company Acesso created the Acessocard chip card, with the premise of reinventing the digital account and making it accessible to all budgets. 

Rechargeable and with a chip, Acessocard has a very intuitive mobile application, where you have complete control over your expenses.

With the international Mastercard flag, the card allows purchases in more than 30 million physical and online establishments worldwide!

See how a prepaid card works

Easy to use, the prepaid card will need to be recharged to be used effectively, either via transfer or bank slip.

This will depend on the bank you hire. The loaded amount can be credited within 48 hours and then you just have to make your purchases, with peace of mind, without an invoice and without losing control.

Another important thing is that you can make withdrawals at ATMs in the Banco 24 Horas network without having to have a bank account.

Advantages of the Acessocard chip card

Among the main benefits of the Acessocard chip is the waiver of proof of income, that is, anyone, even those with credit restrictions, can apply for this card, without bureaucracy or headaches. 

Another advantage is cost control, as you will only make purchases if you have an available balance on the card, after all, it is prepaid: you pay first and use it later.

In practice, the following happens: all purchases will be debited in cash, that is, you will not have debts and much less invoices, but you will be able to enjoy the subscription, for example, of a music application or series.

What are the fees?

Accesscard has some fees, such as the recharge fee on partner networks, which costs BRL 6.50. If you need to make withdrawals at ATMs, the fee charged will be R$8.95.

How to apply

For more details about the Acessocard, just click the button below.